As a young architect, I have worked as a draughtsman, a model-maker, a virtual model designer, an architect and a project manager for various architectural firms.

I enjoy delving into new ideas and exploring new concepts as much as I feel the need to work manually and prefer a hands-on approach.

As an architect, it’s my mantra to provide the highest service possible for clients. Whatever their needs, I take passion in creating personal spaces that fit and enhance clients’ lifestyles. It’s my belief that space is a place for life. Without meaning, space has no value. I believe it’s practical to design flexible spaces that incorporate both utility and diversity to maximize efficient use, and at the same time provide maximal value to inhabitants.

Matters not whether it’s a large-scale building or a piece of furniture, for the most beautiful thing about architecture is that it provides limitless possibilities across a wide variety of scales that allows for endless learning and creation.


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