Les Ateliers Nocturnes  were born from the desire of 5 students from La Cambre-Horta School of Architecture and the precious help of their godmother to organize monthly informal meetings with architects, artists, authors etc…

Unlike conferences, in which the speaker is often the only one to participate, presenting the completed form of his work, the theme was chosen by the students, allowing for the opening of a discussion between the public and hosts.

The lecturer present his work from the perspective of the design process, the creation phase, thus allowing him to share his work techniques with the public, including the thought behind his mechanisms, his doubts, concerns, etc… In short, all the richness inherent in project research.

This dimension of sharing was further allowed and emphasized by the setting in which the meetings took place: every first Monday of the month, in a workshop in La Cambre. Here the public was allowed to converse directly with the speaker in a casual setting to discuss and reflect in a more publicly engaging and welcoming manner.

At 7 pm the guest showed us his work for half an hour, whereby a formal discussion followed. Then informal discussion was allowed over picnic, where the public brought their own food and drink to enjoy the intimacy of sharing and eating food.


2010-2015 , Co-founder &  organiser, Conference of architecture, BELGIUM