Forest Temple is a result of the Constructive Shamanism workshop in Lithuania, 2016. A multi-disciplinary tribe of artists, artisans, architects, writers, photographers, yogis and children of the forest gathered in the ancient lands of Vytautas V Landsbergis to perform architectural rituals connecting the modern man with nature.

The idea of this project was to build a fire meditation temple in the forest by connecting a handful of pine trees with natural linen rope. The result was coined insect architecture, a man-made semi-transparent cocoon swinging together with the trees.

It was built in collaboration with Clement le Roux, Waldo De Keersmaeker, Ludovic Tullier, Vaidotas Stalilionis, Kamilė Krasauskaitė, Julija Činčytė and Vitalija Orlo under the direction of Marco Casagrande.