Projet « Le Lorrain »

Designed by Gregory Eeman, in construction, site supervision by Sébastien Focant.


Flexible Shops    114 m²

  • 2 Shops: 42 m² + 35 m²
  • Conference room 17 m²
  • Shared Kitchen 9 m²
  • 2 Cellars:  18 m² + 14 m²

Duplex    120 m²

  • Living room + Kitchen  35 m²
  • Study: 15 m²
  • 3 Rooms: 18 m² + 17 m² + 13 m²
  • 3 Bathrooms + 3 WC + utility room
  • Cellar 10 m²

Apartment 60 m²

  • Living room + Kitchen 29 m²
  • 1 Room 18 m²
  • 1 Bathroom + 1 WC + utility room
  • Cellar 5 m²

Studio 50 m²

  • Living room + Kitchen 28 m²
  • Terrace 9 m²
  • Rooms 13 m²
  • Bathroom + 1 WC
  • Cellar 5 m²

This project was approved and applauded by the state of Belgium.

Located in the booming industrial district of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels, the existing building is a large single family home with one commercial shop on the ground floor. The new project is an extension and renovation that replaces the old garage annex. 

The new program is intended to be mixed and flexible.

Based on this principle the ground floor is designed in a very practical and versatile way. It can adapt to different occupants and may evolve according to the needs of the neighborhood. It is possible to have two small independent businesses or one single.

On the floors there are 3 typologies of housing: a three-bedroom duplex apartment, a one-bedroom apartment and a studio with a south-facing terrace. This project multiplies the usability of the space while keeping its existing scale.

The composition of the front facade was guided by the desire to bring a touch of modernity to the neighborhood while also reflecting its industrial past. The primary raw material, zinc, allows us to achieve this image. The new facade will also follow the slope of the existing roof to the floor slab of the 2nd level of the new extension. The zinc extension will appear to float above a glazed ground floor that is receded 60 cm inward.

One of the main changes was to relocate the staircase placement. The new placement allows greater accessibility and better space division. The resulting ease of access allows a more natural and practical use of the space.

First floor appartement living room
Duplex study