Projet « Le refuge »

Realised at KARBON with Hubert Lionnez, Giulia Caterina Vergaet et Justine Pirson. In construction.


Coffee workspace    114 m²

  • South Terrace 54 m²
  • Main service room + Stock 76 m²
  • Bar 13 m²
  • Kitchen 9 m²
  • Changing room 7 m²

1st floor apartment    88 m²

  • Living room + Kitchen  30 m²
  • Utility room 4 m²
  • 3 Rooms : 14 m² + 10 m² + 10 m²
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 WC

2nd floor apartment  77 m²

  • Living room + Kitchen 30 m²
  • Terrace 9 m²
  • Utility room
  • 2 Rooms : 13 m² + 11 m²
  • Bathroom 6 m²
  • WC

This project is a renovation+extension on place Saint-Job in Bruxelles. This bucolic little house has long been transformed into a steak restaurant with a large terrace overlooking the square from a distance.

Two atmospheres are felt in the project: a luminous and noisy one, with its south-facing facade overlooking the terrace and plaza, and the one of the North facade, characterized by diffused light, giving a view of the embankment and railway where trains pass absurdly quiet, providing the viewer with a feeling of looking into a fish tank.

The intention of the project was to maintain the effect of « small house lost in a big city: » a feeling of warmth, calmness and relaxation (le refuge). The hidden extension optimizes the existing space to provide enhanced functionality.

The public ground floor offers a large open space, where you can come and enjoy a large open fire while you work, drink good coffee, give lectures, organize small concerts and eat. This space is divisible through the use of curtains to provide small pockets of refuge providing varying ambiance.

The upper floors consist of two apartments, one three-bedroom and one two-bedroom. These two identities are Northern facing to take advantage of its ambiant intimacy and to flee the bustling plaza.